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NCT06356194Drug-drug Interaction Study of Biktarvy and Bemnifosbuvir/Ruzasvir
NCT06204679Pharmacokinetics of Fixed-Dose Combination Tablet of Bemnifosbuvir and Ruzasvir
NCT05905497The Study of Bemnifosbuvir in Healthy Japanese Subjects
NCT05905484Study of Bemnifosbuvir on Cardiac Repolarization in Healthy Subjects
NCT05904470A Phase 2, Safety and Efficacy of Bemnifosbuvir (BEM) and Ruzasvir (RZR) in Subjects With Chronic HCV
NCT05731843Drug-drug Interaction Study of Ruzasvir and Bemnifosbuvir
NCT05724693Study of Bemnifosbuvir in Subjects With Normal and Impaired Hepatic Function
NCT05629962SUNRISE-3: Efficacy and Safety of Bemnifosbuvir in High-Risk Outpatients With COVID-19
NCT05618314Study of AT-527 in Subjects With Normal and Impaired Renal Function
NCT05466240Study of AT-752 in Patients With Dengue Infection
NCT05366439Study of AT-752 in Healthy Subjects in a Dengue Human Challenge Model
NCT05256732Study of AT-527 in Healthy Subjects Under Fasting Conditions or With a Meal
NCT05154123Drug-drug Interaction Study of Rosuvastatin and AT-527 (R07496998)
NCT05137626Drug-drug Interaction Study of Digoxin and AT-527 (R07496998)
NCT05004415Mass Balance Study of AT-527 in Healthy Adult Male Subjects (R07496998)
NCT04877769Bronchopulmonary PK of AT-527 (R07496998)
NCT04865445Drug-drug Interaction Study of Midazolam and AT-527 (R07496998)
NCT04849299Effect of Cyclosporine on the Pharmacokinetics (PK) of AT-527 (R07496998)
NCT04784000Effect of Carbamazepine on the Pharmacokinetics (PK) of AT-527
NCT04722627Study of AT-752 in Healthy Subjects
NCT04711187Study of AT-527 in Healthy Subjects (R07496998)
NCT04396106Safety and Efficacy of AT-527 in Subjects With Moderate Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in a Hospital Setting
NCT04309734Study of AT-777 in Healthy Subjects and AT-777 in Combination With AT-527 in HCV-Infected Subjects
NCT04019717Study of AT-527 in Combination With Daclatasvir in Subjects With Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infection
NCT03219957Study of AT-527 in Healthy and HCV-Infected Subjects
NCT05059080A Six-Month Follow-Up Study of Participants With Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Previously Enrolled in a RO7496998 (AT-527) Study
NCT04889040Study to Evaluate the Effects of RO7496998 (AT-527) in Non-Hospitalized Adult and Adolescent Participants With Mild or Moderate COVID-19
NCT04709835Study to Evaluate the Effects of AT-527 in Non-Hospitalized Adult Patients With Mild or Moderate COVID-19