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NCT05405660A Study of CDX-0159 in Patients With Chronic Inducible Urticaria
NCT05368285A Phase 2 Study of CDX-0159 in Patients With Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria
NCT05031624A Phase 1 Study of Subcutaneous CDX-0159 in Healthy Subjects
NCT04944862A Study of CDX-0159 in Patients With Prurigo Nodularis
NCT04548869A Single Dose Study of the Safety, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of CDX-0159 in Patients With Cold Contact Urticaria, Symptomatic Dermographism, or Cholinergic Urticaria
NCT04538794A Study of CDX-0159 in Patients With Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria
NCT04440943A Study of the PD-L1xCD27 Bispecific Antibody CDX-527 in Patients With Advanced Malignancies
NCT04146129A Phase 1 Study of CDX-0159
NCT03329950A Study of CDX-1140 (CD40) as Monotherapy or in Combination in Patients With Advanced Malignancies
NCT03254927A Study of CDX-3379 and Cetuximab and in Patients With Advanced Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma
NCT03068650Expanded Access (Compassionate Use) Treatment Protocol Rindopepimut
NCT03067935Individual Patient Expanded Access-Glembatumumab Vedotin
NCT02837991A Dose Escalation, Safety and Activity Study of CDX-014 in Patients With Renal Cell Carcinoma and Ovarian Clear Cell Carcinoma
NCT02642016A Study to Evaluate the Safety and Pharmacokinetics of CDX-0158 in Adult Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors
NCT02543645A Study of Varlilumab and Atezolizumab in Patients With Advanced Cancer
NCT02473731A Window of Opportunity Study of KTN3379 in Surgically Resectable Head and Neck Cancer Patients
NCT02456701Enhancing Radioiodine Incorporation Into BRAF Mutant Thyroid Cancers With the Combination of Vemurafenib and KTN3379
NCT02413827A Study of Varlilumab (Anti-CD27) and Ipilimumab and CDX-1401 in Patients With Unresectable Stage III or IV Melanoma
NCT02386111A Study of Varlilumab (Anti-CD27) and Sunitinib in Patients With Metastatic Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma
NCT02335918A Dose Escalation and Cohort Expansion Study of Anti-CD27 (Varlilumab) and Anti-PD-1 (Nivolumab) in Advanced Refractory Solid Tumors
NCT02302339A Study of Glembatumumab Vedotin as Monotherapy or in Combination With Immunotherapies in Patients With Advanced Melanoma
NCT02200380A Safety and Tolerability Study of CDX-301 With or Without Plerixafor for Stem Cell Mobilization in Matched Related Allogeneic Donor/Recipient Sibling Transplant Pairs
NCT02014909A Phase 1 Study to Evaluate the Safety and Pharmacokinetics of KTN3379 in Adult Subjects With Advanced Tumors
NCT01997333Study of Glembatumumab Vedotin (CDX-011) in Patients With Metastatic, gpNMB Over-Expressing, Triple Negative Breast Cancer
NCT01791686Clinical Trial of CDX-1135 in Pediatric and Adult Patients With Dense Deposit Disease
NCT01498328A Study of Rindopepimut/GM-CSF in Patients With Relapsed EGFRvIII-Positive Glioblastoma
NCT01480479Phase III Study of Rindopepimut/GM-CSF in Patients With Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma
NCT01465139A Study to Evaluate CDX-301 (rhuFlt3L) in Healthy Volunteers
NCT01460134A Study of CDX-1127 (Varlilumab) in Patients With Select Solid Tumor Types or Hematologic Cancers
NCT01156753A Study of CDX-011 (CR011-vcMMAE) in Patients With Advanced GPNMB-expressing Breast Cancer
NCT01094496A Study of the CDX-1307 Vaccine Regimen in Patients With Newly Diagnosed Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer (The "N-ABLE" Study)
NCT00948961A Study of CDX-1401 in Patients With Malignancies Known to Express NY-ESO-1
NCT00709462A Study of CDX-1307, in Patients With Incurable Breast, Colorectal, Pancreatic, Ovarian or Bladder Cancer (CDX 1307-01)
NCT00648102Phase I Study of CDX-1307, hCG-B Vaccine, for Patients With Incurable, Locally Advanced or Metastatic Breast, Colorectal, Pancreatic, Bladder or Ovarian Cancer
NCT00458601Phase II Study of Rindopepimut (CDX-110) in Patients With Glioblastoma Multiforme
NCT02270372Study of ONT-10 and Varlilumab to Treat Advanced Ovarian or Breast Cancer
NCT05484011A P1b Study of Odetiglucan With a CD40 (CDX-1140)
NCT05349890Personalized TCR-T: Study of Adoptively Transferred T-cell Receptor Gene-engineered T Cells (TCR-T)
NCT04930783NeoVax + CDX-301 and Nivolumab in Advanced Melanoma
NCT04491084FLT3 Ligand, CD40 Agonist Antibody, and Stereotactic Radiotherapy
NCT04364230Melanoma Vaccine Against Neoantigen and Shared Antigens by CD40 Activation and TLR Agonists In Patients With Melanoma (Including Ocular Melanoma)
NCT03688178DC Migration Study to Evaluate TReg Depletion In GBM Patients With and Without Varlilumab
NCT03617328Vaccination With 6MHP, With or Without Systemic CDX-1127, in Patients With Stage II-IV Melanoma
NCT03580382Study of CDX-3379, a Human Monoclonal Antibody Targeting ERBB3, in Combination With the MEK Inhibitor, Trametinib, in Patients With Advanced Stage NRAS Mutant and BRAF/NRAS Wildtype (WT) Melanoma
NCT03473691Pilot Study of Glembatumumab Vedotin Following Doxorubicin and Cytoxan as Neo-adjuvant Therapy in Gp-NMB-expressing High Risk Triple Negative Breast Cancer
NCT03358719DEC-205/NY-ESO-1 Fusion Protein CDX-1401, Poly ICLC, Decitabine, and Nivolumab in Treating Patients With Myelodysplastic Syndrome or Acute Myeloid Leukemia
NCT02924038A Study of Varlilumab and IMA950 Vaccine Plus Poly-ICLC in Patients With WHO Grade II Low-Grade Glioma (LGG)
NCT02839265FLT3 Ligand Immunotherapy and Stereotactic Radiotherapy for Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
NCT02713828Study of Glembatumumab Vedotin in gpNMB-Expressing, Advanced or Metastatic SCC of the Lung
NCT02284971Pilot Study of SBRT and CDX-1127 in Prostate Cancer