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NCT00085930Blood T-Cells and EBV Specific CTLs Expressing GD-2 Specific Chimeric T Cell Receptors to Neuroblastoma Patients
NCT01192555Allogeneic Tumor Cell Vaccination With Oral Metronomic Cytoxan in Patients With High-Risk Neuroblastoma
NCT00703222A Phase I/II Study Of Immunization With Lymphotactin And Interleukin 2 Gene Modified Neuroblastoma Tumor Cells
NCT04377932Interleukin-15 Armored Glypican 3-specific Chimeric Antigen Receptor Expressed in T Cells for Pediatric Solid Tumors
NCT03294954GD2 Specific CAR and Interleukin-15 Expressing Autologous NKT Cells to Treat Children With Neuroblastoma
NCT05134740(TAA)-Specific Cytotoxic T-Lymphocytes to Pediatric Patients With Lymphomas (pediTACTAL).
NCT01247701Umbilical Cord Blood Transplant for Children With Myeloid Hematological Malignancies
NCT00950846Umbilical Cord Blood Transplant for Congenital Pediatric Disorders
NCT04715191Interleukin-15 and -21 Armored Glypican-3-specific Chimeric Antigen Receptor Expressed in T Cells for Pediatric Solid Tumors
NCT00578539T-Reg Cell Kinetics, Stem Cell Transplant, REGALE
NCT01247688Umbilical Cord Blood Transplant for Children With Lymphoid Hematological Malignancies
NCT00579137Allogeneic SCT Of Pts With SCID And Other Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders
NCT00062855Using Gene Modified Neuroblastoma Cells for the Treatment of Relapsed/Refractory Neuroblastoma
NCT03478215Mesenchymal Stromal Cells in Living Donor Kidney Transplantation
NCT03596086HSV-tk + Valacyclovir + SBRT + Chemotherapy for Recurrent GBM
NCT01460901Study of Donor Derived, Multi-virus-specific, Cytotoxic T-Lymphocytes for Relapsed/Refractory Neuroblastoma
NCT04099797C7R-GD2.CAR T Cells for Patients With GD2-expressing Brain Tumors (GAIL-B)
NCT04345601Mesenchymal Stromal Cells for the Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 Induced Acute Respiratory Failure (COVID-19 Disease)
NCT03081910Autologous T-Cells Expressing a Second Generation CAR for Treatment of T-Cell Malignancies Expressing CD5 Antigen
NCT03774654CD19.CAR Allogeneic NKT for Patients With Relapsed or Refractory B-Cell Malignancies (ANCHOR)
NCT02050347Activated T Lymphocytes Expressing CARs, Relapsed CD19+ Malignancies Post-Allo HSCT(CARPASCIO)
NCT00709033T-cells or EBV Specific CTLs, Advanced B-Cell NHL and CLL
NCT03762291Multiple Myeloma Trial of Orally Administered Salmonella Based Survivin Vaccine
NCT01192464EBV CTLs Expressing CD30 Chimeric Receptors For CD 30+ Lymphoma
NCT02287311Most Closely Matched 3rd Party Rapidly Generated LMP, BARF1 And EBNA1 Specific CTL, EBV-Positive Lymphoma (MABEL)
NCT01853631Activated T-Cells Expressing 2nd or 3rd Generation CD19-Specific CAR, Advanced B-Cell NHL, ALL, and CLL (SAGAN)
NCT02379520HPV-16/18 E6/E7-Specific T Lymphocytes, Relapsed HPV-Associated Cancers, HESTIA
NCT05103631Interleukin-15 Armored Glypican 3-specific Chimeric Antigen Receptor Expressed in Autologous T Cells for Hepatocellular Carcinoma
NCT01189786Ex Vivo T-Cell Depletion of Mobilized Peripheral Blood Stem Cells Via CD34-Selection
NCT05236764Haploidentical Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation Using TCR Alpha/Beta and CD19 Depletion
NCT02475707Administration of Donor MultiTAA-Specific T Cells for ALL
NCT02442297T Cells Expressing HER2-specific Chimeric Antigen Receptors(CAR) for Patients With HER2-Positive CNS Tumors
NCT03690011Cell Therapy for High Risk T-Cell Malignancies Using CD7-Specific CAR Expressed On Autologous T Cells
NCT02291848Tumor-Associated Antigen-Specific Cytotoxic T-Lymphocytes for Multiple Myeloma
NCT00881920Kappa-CD28 T Lymphocytes, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, B-cell Lymphoma or Multiple Myeloma, CHARKALL
NCT00586391CD19 Chimeric Receptor Expressing T Lymphocytes In B-Cell Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma, ALL & CLL
NCT00368082Autologous/Allogeneic TGFbeta-resistant LMP-specific CTL, Lymphoma (TGF-beta)
NCT04219163Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cells for The Treatment of AML Expressing CLL-1 Antigen
NCT00368355T Cell Depletion for Recipients of HLA Haploidentical Related Donor Stem Cell Grafts
NCT00840853Multi-virus CTLs Expressing CD19 Chimeric Receptors, CD19 Positive Malignancies Post SCT, MULTIPRAT
NCT01494103Administration of Donor T Cells With the Caspase-9 Suicide Gene
NCT00710892CASPALLO: Allodepleted T Cells Transduced With Inducible Caspase 9 Suicide Gene
NCT03768310CD19.CAR-multiVSTs for Patients With CD19+ B-ALL or NHL Undergoing Related Allogeneic HSCT (CARMA)
NCT02973113Nivolumab With Epstein Barr Virus Specific T Cells (EBVSTS), Relapsed/Refractory EBV Positive Lymphoma (PREVALE)
NCT00062868LMP-specific T-cells for Patients With Relapsed EBV-positive Lymphoma
NCT01447056Most Closely HLA-Matched CTLs for Relapsed Epstein Barr Virus(EBV)-Associated Diseases
NCT00078520Treatment of B-CLL With Human IL-2 and CD40 Ligand and Plasmid Gene Modified Autologous Tumor Cells
NCT00058799Treating High Risk Leukemia With CD40 Ligand & IL-2 Gene Modified Tumor Vaccine
NCT00058604Prevention and Treatment of Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) Lymphoma Following a Solid Organ Transplant Using EBV Specific Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes (CTLs).