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NCT02949167MyHealth: Follow-up After Breast Cancer Treatment
NCT03254875Rehabilitation After Breast Cancer
NCT04883151A Psychological Intervention for Families in Pediatric Palliative Care
NCT04880369Phytoestrogens and Breast Cancer - Effects of Phytoestrogens on Markers of Disease Progression and Gene Expression
NCT04610034"Resilient Caregivers" - A Resilience-based Intervention for Distressed Partner Cancer Caregivers
NCT02103088Sexual and Urological Rehabilitation to Men Operated for Prostate Cancer and Their Partners
NCT03444532Feasibility Study Testing a Sleep Intervention in Prostate Cancer Patients With Insomnia
NCT03692585Ethnographic Study of the Everyday Life of Men With Prostate Cancer, Focusing on Diet, Activities and Digital Behavior
NCT03692000Designing a Digital Tool to Support Healthy Lifestyle in Men With Prostate Cancer
NCT02518477Preventive Intervention Against Lymphedema After Breast Cancer Surgery
NCT02895724Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to Reduce Lymphedema After Breast Cancer -an Explorative Clinical Trial
NCT02686775The PACO Project: A Clinical Study of a PAtient COach Program in Vulnerable Lung Cancer Patients
NCT00932009Prevalence and Type Distribution of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) in Tanzanian Men
NCT02056483REBECCA - Research in Rehabilitation After Breast Cancer
NCT00990977Mindfulness and Cancer Mamma - Clinical Trial MBSR Among Women Operated for Breast Cancer
NCT01803061Use of Computer-based Patient-reported Data to Assess Long Term and Late Effects of Head and Neck Cancer at the Point-of-care
NCT01300104Feasibility Study on a Nordic Lifestyle Intervention Trial Among Men With Prostate Cancer
NCT01453699Long-term Consequences of Bereavement in Children, Adolescents and Young Adults
NCT01224249Selenium Status Measured in Blood After a Higher Intake of Fish and Shellfish - a Randomized Dietary Intervention Study
NCT01108224Psychotherapy to Patients With Primary Breast Cancer - Psycho-social and Survival Outcome From a Randomised Trial
NCT01086683Rehabilitation of Cancer Survivors in Denmark: The Effect of a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Course
NCT00961610Internet-based Support in Cancer Rehabilitation
NCT00909818Hypofractionated Versus Standard Fractionated Whole Breast Irradiation to Node-negative Breast Cancer Patients
NCT02384733Hypofractionated Loco-regional Adjuvant Radiation Therapy of Breast Cancer Combined With a Simultaneous Integrated Boost
NCT06044662Prognostic Value of Biomarkers in Polyneuropathy.
NCT05253872The MELAcare Study: A New Method for Surveillance of Melanoma Patients
NCT05752071Gastrointestinal Stimulation as a Treatment of Postoperative Ileus Following Extensive Surgery
NCT05768087Escalated Dose Proton Therapy Within the Multimodality Treatment of Glioblastoma Patients
NCT05231070Specialized Palliative Telemedicine for Patients With Advanced Cancer
NCT05441943Lymphaticovenous Anastomosis as Treatment for Lymphedema
NCT05293054Healing of Rectal Anastomosis Sealed With a Concentrate Derived From the Patient's Blood, After Rectal Cancer Surgery
NCT04430985FOLFOX + Immunotherapy With Intrahepatic Oxaliplatin for Patients With Metastatic Colorectal Cancer
NCT03906500High Schools- High on Life: an Intervention to Reduce Excessive Drinking in Danish High Schools
NCT03619317Impact of Cancer Therapy on Myocardial Function in Patients With Esophagus Cancer
NCT04605419Calcium Electroporation in Patients With Cell Changes in the Esophagus
NCT02837679Oncogeriatric Intervention and Follow-up at Home
NCT02652975Anticancer Treatment of Breast Cancer Related to Cardiotoxicity and Dysfunctional Endothelium
NCT02748811Effect of Geriatric Intervention in Frail Elderly Patients Receiving Chemotherapy for Colorectal Cancer
NCT03814213Effect of Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment on Short-time Mortality in Elderly Cancer Patients
NCT01979107Early Detection of and Intervention Towards Chronic Diseases Among Individuals Without Formal Education
NCT02159274Shoulder Disability and Late Symptoms Following Oncoplastic Breast Surgery
NCT03581890Socioeconomic Position in Acute Colorectal Cancer Surgery
NCT01906671Study on Two Different Formulations of 6-mercaptopurine. Tablet Versus Oral Liquid
NCT03018327Ano-genital Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Infection, Precancerous Lesions and Genital Warts Among Danish Renal Transplant Recipients
NCT03370432Vitamin D, Genes and Colorectal Cancer
NCT01213758Changes in Liver Function After Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Measured by PET/CT
NCT02996201Electronic Patient Reporting of Side Effects to Chemotherapy: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial
NCT03250637Diet, Genes and Colorectal Cancer - With Focus on Toll-like Receptor Polymorphisms
NCT02072733Suitability of an Organization With an Onco-geriatric Team to a Whole Region (Region Midt) of Denmark
NCT02507414Mesenteric Traction Syndrome During Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery