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NCT02019303Accuracy of FNA Versus CNB of Abnormal Axillary Lymph Nodes in Setting of Invasive Breast Cancer
NCT04089319Acupuncture Combined With Mindfulness: ACUMIND
NCT00615329Huntsman Biopsy Study
NCT04060407CD24Fc With Ipilimumab and Nivolumab to Decrease irAE (CINDI)
NCT01305044The HEALS Project - Health Education and Active Living for Surviving Seniors
NCT02294565VST-1001 (Dilute Fluorescein) for Lymphatic Mapping & Localization of Lymph Nodes in Patients With Breast Cancer
NCT03925350Efficacy and Safety Study of Niraparib in Melanoma With Genetic Homologous Recombination (HR) Mutation
NCT02779725SymptomCare@Home: Deconstructing an Effective Symptom Management Intervention
NCT01465165Use of Multiple Brain Imaging Modalities (PET and MRS) to Identify Metabolic Abnormalities in Major Depression
NCT04160065Immunotherapy With IFx-Hu2.0 Vaccine for Advanced Non-melanoma Skin Cancers
NCT02328677ColoCare Study - Colorectal Cancer Cohort
NCT01208662Randomized Trial of Lenalidomide, Bortezomib, Dexamethasone vs High-Dose Treatment With SCT in MM Patients up to Age 65
NCT01566682A Multi-Center Trial of the ProLung Test™
NCT02658279Pembrolizumab (MK-3475) in Patients With Recurrent Malignant Glioma With a Hypermutator Phenotype