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Query: "AREA[SponsorSearch](Instituto Nacional de Cancer, Brazil)"
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NCT02363101Health Outcomes and Costs (HOC) in Lung Cancer (LC)
NCT03304756Study of Neoadjuvant Treatment of Locally Advanced Breast Cancer With CAP Regimen
NCT03024580A Study Evaluating Megestrol Acetate Modulation in Hormone Receptor Positive Advanced Breast Cancer
NCT03209076Robotic Versus Laparoscopic Low Anterior Resection for Rectal Cancer
NCT06217224Evaluation of Prophylactic Photobiomodulation Therapy in Patients With Osteosarcoma
NCT06071637Low Power Laser Therapy As Prevention Of Oral Mucositis And Oropharyngeal Pain In Patients Undergoing Allogenetic HSCT
NCT05800834Benefits of Morphine Gel for Pain Reduction in Patients With Cancer Wounds
NCT05749120Recipient Vessels for Free Tissue Flaps in Advanced Oncologic Defects of the Midface and Scalp
NCT05535452Photobiomodulation for Prevention of Radiodermatitis in Women With Breast Cancer Undergoing Adjuvant Radiotherapy
NCT05308732Safety and Tolerability of the Use of Copaiba in Patients With Oral Cancer Submitted to Radiotherapy
NCT04934098Adjustable Compression Wrap Versus Compression Bandage Reduce to Breast Cancer-related Lymphedema
NCT04881604Adjustable Compression Wrap Versus Compression Sleeve to Control Breast Cancer-related Lymphedema
NCT04861220Surgical Pre-habilitation in Breast Cancer.
NCT04741880Evaluation of Intravenous Lidocaine and Time to Regression of the Sensory Block After Spinal Anesthesia (ELSA Trial)
NCT04674696Short-course Radiotherapy With Induction and Consolidation Chemotherapy in Patients With Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer
NCT04471142Effectiveness of Compressive Bandage Use in Seroma Prevention
NCT04067310Study Using Spray Skin Protector Versus Conventional Treatment to Prevent Acute Radiodermatitis.
NCT03990636Photodynamic Therapy With Metil 5-aminolevulinate for Actinic Cheilitis - Phase 2 Clinical Trial
NCT03796845Limited Versus No-limited Shoulder Movement in Breast Cancer Surgery
NCT03740815Feasibility of Serratus Plane Block Associated With Sedation in Axillary Dissection
NCT03590704Safety of the Use of Compressive Taping in Seroma
NCT03539965Triple-negative Breast Cancer: a New Perspective on Biomarkers
NCT03452566Evaluation of Ingenol Mebutate for Actinic Cheilitis Treatment
NCT03428529Capecitabine Versus Bolus 5-Fu Associated to Radiotherapy as Neoadjuvant Treatment for Rectal Cancer.
NCT03333993Mat Pilates in Women With Breast Cancer During Adjuvant Radiotherapy
NCT03252509Outpatient Percutaneous Radiologic Gastrostomy in Patients With Head and Neck Tumors
NCT03218800Ertapenem Administered Subcutaneously Versus Intravenously
NCT03170115Induction Chemotherapy Plus Chemoradiotherapy With or Without Aspirin in High Risk Rectal Cancer
NCT02941913Compare Between Two Doses of Palonosetron on the Prevention of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting in Obese Patients
NCT02924909Phase II Trial of Neoadjuvant Treatment and Minimal Invasive Surgery for Esophageal and GEJ Cancer
NCT01915485Radiolabeled Molecules for Medullary Thyroid Cancer
NCT01836575Alimta® Versus Its Combination With Carboplatin in Advanced Non-small-cell Lung Cancer in Patients Performance Status 2
NCT01834898Safety and Tolerability of Controlled-release Oxycodone on Postoperative Pain in Oncologic Head and Neck Surgery
NCT01439724Low-level Laser Therapy to Prevent Oral Mucositis in Head and Neck Patients
NCT01302002The Use of Metformin in Early Breast Cancer Patients Pre-Surgery
NCT01270373NeoSAMBA: Neoadjuvant: Does the Sequence of Anthracycline and Taxane Matters: Before or After?
NCT01804205Magnesium Sulphate and Rocuronium in Patients Over 60
NCT02309658Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer Patients
NCT05663723Photobiomodulation for Prevention of Chemotherapy-induced Peripheral Neuropathy in Women With Breast Cancer
NCT02759822Haploidentical Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation for Acute Leukemias
NCT02265497Brazilian Network for Lymphoma Registry
NCT01472146ZoNantax - Zolendronic Acid as Neoadjuvant Therapy Plus Anthracycline and Taxane in Locally Advanced Breast Cancer
NCT02107417Study of TENS in Reducing Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy Induced by Chemotherapy
NCT02380378Registry of Philadelphia-Negative Myeloproliferative Neoplasms