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NCT02844465Stereotactic Laser Ablation for Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
NCT05226286Evaluation of Implantable Tibial Neuromodulation Pivotal Study
NCT05775510Study to Evaluate Neuromodulation Subject Experience With Contemporary Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) Modalities for Chronic Pain
NCT05200923Pelvic Health Electrically Evoked Recording (PEER) 2 Study
NCT00773019SynchroMed II Post-Approval Study
NCT05177354Medtronic Closed-Loop Spinal Cord Stimulation System
NCT04547712Adaptive DBS Algorithm for Personalized Therapy in Parkinson's Disease
NCT03900468Medtronic Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Therapy for Epilepsy Post-Approval Study (EPAS)
NCT04506866InterStim Micro Post Market Clinical Follow-up Study
NCT04601454DTM (TM) Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) Study
NCT03761277Embrace TDD: Post-Market Study to Evaluate Intrathecal Morphine as an Alternative to Systemic Opioids for Chronic Pain
NCT02937688Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for Parkinson's Disease International Study
NCT04873271Evaluation of Implantable Tibial Neuromodulation (TITAN 1) Feasibility Study
NCT03763708SCS Research Study
NCT03489187Visualase Visualization Database (VIVID-1)
NCT02509325Parkinson's KinetiGraph as Tool for DBS Eligibility Assessment
NCT04016324InterStim Basic Evaluation Lead Post-Market Clinical Follow-up Study
NCT04765735Electrically Evoked Compound Action Potentials Human Observation Medtronic Algorithm Comparison Study
NCT03249584OsteoCool Tumor Ablation Post-Market Study
NCT02186041Sacral Neuromodulation With InterStim® Therapy for Intractable Urinary Voiding Dysfunctions (SOUNDS): an Observational Study
NCT03335761InterStim® Amplitude Study
NCT01521754Product Surveillance Registry- Deep Brain Stimulation for Epilepsy
NCT03345472Vectors Post Market: A Study to Assess Pain Relief Using Spinal Cord Stimulation
NCT03284411Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) Dosing Study
NCT03446833LFP Beta aDBS Feasibility Study
NCT01023269Efficacy Study of Pudendal Neuromodulation for the Treatment of Neurogenic Overactive Bladder
NCT02857816PRospective Study to Evaluate EffectivenesS With the NURO™ PErcutaneous Tibial Neuromodulation System in Patients With OAB
NCT01778426Post-reimbursement Study to Follow Spinal Neurostimulator Devices for Pain Therapy (French SCS Registry)
NCT01711619SubQStim: A Post-market Study of Subcutaneous Nerve Stimulation in Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS) Patients
NCT01924182Intrathecal Morphine Compared to Conventional Medical Management for Pain Control and Opioid-related Side Effects
NCT00101933SANTE - Stimulation of the Anterior Nucleus of the Thalamus for Epilepsy
NCT00122915CONCEPT: Crossover Efficacy Pain Trial in Motor Cortex Stimulation for Intractable Neuropathic Pain
NCT01032239SISTERS: Spasticity In Stroke Study - Randomized Study
NCT01957969French Post-Inscription Study on Sacral Neuromodulation in the Treatment of Fecal Incontinence
NCT01135745Deep Brain Stimulation for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD PMCF)
NCT01750229Spinal Cord Stimulation Frequency Study
NCT01957137InterStim® Sacral Nerve Modulation Cycling Study
NCT00547378InSite for Over Active Bladder
NCT01818297Subcutaneous Nerve Stimulation for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS) Patients
NCT02503787OPTIONS Spinal Cord Stimulation Programming Parameters
NCT01697358Spinal Cord Stimulation for Predominant Low Back Pain
NCT01117090Measuring Signatures in the Fluid Surrounding the Spinal Cord in Patients Who Have Problems With Intrathecal Drug Delivery
NCT00959296Implantable Systems Performance Registry
NCT00737581Spinal Cord Stimulation Research Study
NCT00768872Spinal Cord Stimulation Research Study
NCT02371122Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) Therapy Study
NCT00837486Reclaim Deep Brain Stimulation Clinical Study for Treatment-Resistant Depression
NCT00200083Study of Weight Loss Using Gastric Stimulation in Obese Patients
NCT00998660RECHARGE Sub-Study to the Implantable Systems Performance Registry (ISPR)
NCT01750242Retrospective, Non-significant Risk, Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Care Management Software Feasibility Study