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NCT05863832Study to Assess the Safety & Efficacy of Oral Ciprodiazole Versus Currently Used Ciprofloxacin & Metronidazole
NCT05849558Study to Compare the Efficacy & Safety of Ursoplus Capsules vs. UDCA vs. Placebo Among Chronic Liver Disease Patients
NCT05847205Study Evaluation of Recombinant Hirudin in Prophylaxis of Post-Operative Deep Vein Thrombosis
NCT03057574Gonapure® in Multifollicular Stimulation in Egyptian Women Undergoing IVF/ICSI
NCT01960569Topical r-Hirudin ( Thrombexx ) Efficacy in Treatment of Haematomas
NCT01896609Trial Comparing the Efficacy, Tolerability and Safety Between Three Arms in Treatment of HCV in Egyptian Population
NCT01649245Hansenula-derived Pegylated Interferon in Treatment of Patients With Chronic Hepatitis C
NCT04039958A Study of Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir From Soviredia 90/400 mg Tablets (Minapharm, Egypt) Versus Harvoni 90/400 mg Tablets (Gilead Sciences, USA)