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NCT00002435A Study of Thymic Humoral Factor (THF Gamma 2) in HIV-Infected Patients
NCT00002343A Study of Rifabutin, Used Alone or With Ethambutol in the Prevention of Mycobacterium Avium Complex (MAC) Bacteremia in Patients With AIDS
NCT00002267Rifabutin Therapy for the Prevention of Mycobacterium Avium Complex (MAC) Bacteremia in AIDS Patients With CD4 Counts = or < 200: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial
NCT00002101A Three-Arm Comparative Trial for the Treatment of MAC Bacteremia in AIDS: A Clarithromycin/Ethambutol Regimen Containing Rifabutin (450 Mg) or Rifabutin (300 Mg) or Placebo
NCT00002080Rifabutin Therapy for the Prevention of Mycobacterium Avium Complex (MAC) Bacteremia in HIV Positive Patients With CD4 Counts = or < 200: Treatment IND Study
NCT00002032Rifabutin Therapy for the Prevention of Mycobacterium Avium Complex (MAC) Bacteremia in AIDS Patients With CD4 Counts = or < 200: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial
NCT00001995A Double-Blind Randomized Clinical Trial of a Rifabutin Regimen in the Treatment of Mycobacterium-Avium Complex (MAC) Bacteremia in Patients With AIDS
NCT00002401A Study of Delavirdine Used Together With Other Anti-HIV Drugs in HIV-Infected Patients
NCT00002400A Study of Two Anti-HIV Drug Combinations in HIV-Infected Patients
NCT00002322A Study of Different Doses of Atevirdine Mesylate Plus Zidovudine in HIV-Positive Patients
NCT00002312The Safety and Effectiveness of U-90152 in HIV-1 Infected Patients Who Take Zidovudine
NCT00002236A Study to Find the Best Dosing Schedule for Delavirdine, Zidovudine, and Indinavir in HIV-Positive Patients
NCT00002211Safety and Effectiveness of Giving Combinations of Three or Four Anti-HIV Drugs to HIV-Infected Patients
NCT00002210A Study of Delavirdine Mesylate in Combination With Other Anti-HIV Drugs in HIV-Infected Children and Babies
NCT00002124A Double-Blind, Randomized, Dose Response Study of Three Doses of Delavirdine Mesylate (U-90152S) in Combination With Zidovudine (ZDV) Versus ZDV Alone in HIV-1 Infected Individuals With CD4 Counts of 200-500mm3
NCT00002123A Double-Blind, Randomized, Comparative Study of Delavirdine Mesylate (U-90152S) in Combination With Didanosine (ddI) Versus ddI Alone in HIV-1 Infected Individuals With CD4 Counts of <= 300/mm3
NCT00002094Prospective Open-Label Study of the Emergence of Drug Resistance in Patients Infected With HIV-1 Who Are Taking Oral U-87201E
NCT00002087Safety, Tolerance, Efficacy and Pharmacokinetics of Multiple Doses of sCD4-PE40 in the Treatment of HIV-Infected Individuals
NCT00861276Nicotine Substitute Prescribed at Hourly Intake or ad Libitum for Heavy Smokers Willing to Quit
NCT00777075L-Arginine and Erectile Dysfunction
NCT00470002Effects of Growth Hormone on the Nitric Oxide Pathway
NCT00353015Irinotecan and Cisplatin for High Grade Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of the Gastrointestinal Tract
NCT00231829A Pilot Study of Celecoxib in Patients With Grade 2 or 3 Uterine Cancers
NCT00200174Combined Estrogen Blockade of the Breast With Exemestane and Raloxifene in Postmenopausal Women With a History of Breast Cancer Who Have No Clinical Evidence of Disease
NCT00062179Paclitaxel and Carboplatin With or Without Celecoxib Before Surgery in Treating Patients With Stage IIIA Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
NCT00919399Exemestane (Aromasine) + Tamoxifen - Breast Neo-Adjuvant
NCT00201747Sequentially Administered CPT-11 and Mitomycin C in Patients With Advanced Esophageal and Stomach Cancer
NCT00177853Celecoxib, Irinotecan and Concurrent Radiotherapy in Preoperative Pancreatic Cancer
NCT00003748Irinotecan in Treating Patients With Esophageal or Stomach Cancer
NCT00291798Neoadjuvant Endocrinotherapy of Breast Cancer (Mamma Carcinoma) With Exemestane
NCT00038012rhTPO Mobilized Auto Cryo Platelets For GYN Patients Receiving Carboplatin
NCT00612638Ph. I Temozolomide + O6-BG + Irinotecan in Treatment of Pts w Recurrent / Progressive Cerebral Anaplastic Gliomas
NCT00582660Evaluation of Surgically Resected Colorectal Adenomas and Carcinomas After 7 Days Pretreatment With Celecoxib
NCT00581971Radiosensitization With Celecoxib and Chemoradiation for Head and Neck Cancer
NCT00002420The Safety and Effectiveness of Didanosine Plus Stavudine Plus Delavirdine Mesylate Plus MKC-442 in HIV-Infected Patients Who Have Not Had Success With Protease Inhibitors
NCT00318903Irinotecan and Taxotere With Radiotherapy as Preoperative Treatment in Resectable Esophageal Cancer
NCT00193375Irinotecan, Carboplatin and Radiation Therapy Followed by Bevacizumab in Limited Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer
NCT00193349Gleevec Combined With Camptosar Plus Paraplatin in Previously Untreated Extensive Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer
NCT00193024Epirubicin and Docetaxel in the Treatment of Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer
NCT01031992Tranexamic Acid and Epistaxis in Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT)
NCT00804479The Long Term Impact of Initiating Pramipexole Versus Levodopa in Early Parkinson's Disease (CALM-PD Cohort Study)
NCT00544232Preoperative Epirubicin Paclitaxel Aranesp Study (PREPARE)
NCT00628225Smoking Cessation in Patients With COPD (SMOCC) in General Practice
NCT00072319Neoadjuvant or Adjuvant Epirubicin, Cyclophosphamide, and Paclitaxel in Treating Women With Stage I, Stage II, or Stage III Breast Cancer
NCT00211952Adjuvant Celecoxib in Completely Resected pN1-2 NSCLC Patients
NCT00137852Cisplatin, CPT-11 and Celecoxib With Radiation Therapy and Surgery for Operable Esophageal Cancer
NCT00193050Weekly Gemcitabine, Epirubicin, and Docetaxel in Locally Advanced or Inflammatory Breast Cancer
NCT00193596Gemcitabine/Irinotecan/ZD1839 vs Paclitaxel/Carboplatin/Etoposide/ZD1839 in Carcinoma of Unknown Primary Site
NCT00351234Carnitine Levels and Carnitine Supplementation in Type I Diabetes
NCT01422317Effects of High-dose n-3 Fatty Acids on Clinical Outcome and Serum Lipids - Omacor Following Acute Myocardial Infarction