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NCT05041205Functional Test for a Drink Powder Alone and Combined Use With a Cosmetic Apparatus
NCT04733755Beauty Image Efficacy Study
NCT04637945Inflammatory and Metabolic Responses to Long-term Dietary Supplementation With Anthocyanin-rich Blend
NCT04230824Chronic Study on Body Composition, Training, Performance, and Recovery
NCT04230226Acute Study on Muscle Soreness, Damage, and Performance
NCT03771807Efficacy of a Nutritional Supplement on Skin Health in Generally Healthy Adults
NCT03309982Intestinal Inflammatory and Metabolic Responses to a High Fat Meal and Plant Polyphenol Blend
NCT02871596Effect of a Proprietary Dietary Supplement on Fecal Volatile Organic Compounds
NCT02743195Polyphenol/Prebiotic Blend Effects on GI Health and Microbial Composition
NCT02525224Nutritional Supplement Efficacy on Cellular Protection and Skin Health in Generally Healthy Adults
NCT02439983Brain Imaging Study
NCT02349555Nutritional Supplement Impact on Metabolic Parameters
NCT01875354A Prospective Study Investigating the Effects of a Novel Weight Management Program
NCT01725958Effects of a Nutritional Supplement Combination on Body Weight Management
NCT01598272Effects of a Proprietary Blend of Herbal Extract Supplement on Cellular Detoxification, Inflammation, and Cumulative Cognitive Index as Well as Gene Expression in Middle-Aged Adult Women
NCT01155076Effects of a Vitality Dietary Supplement on Physical and Mental Function in Middle-aged Adults
NCT00502658Dietary Supplements and Personal Energy Tracking Device to Promote and Maintain Healthy Weight