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NCT05971771Study to Assess Impact of Dietary Supplement on Sleep Health
NCT05941949Nutritional Supplement's Effects on Cognition
NCT04637945Inflammatory and Metabolic Responses to Long-term Dietary Supplementation With Anthocyanin-rich Blend
NCT04230824Chronic Study on Body Composition, Training, Performance, and Recovery
NCT05041205Functional Test for a Drink Powder Alone and Combined Use With a Cosmetic Apparatus
NCT04733755Beauty Image Efficacy Study
NCT04230226Acute Study on Muscle Soreness, Damage, and Performance
NCT03771807Efficacy of a Nutritional Supplement on Skin Health in Generally Healthy Adults
NCT02525224Nutritional Supplement Efficacy on Cellular Protection and Skin Health in Generally Healthy Adults
NCT03309982Intestinal Inflammatory and Metabolic Responses to a High Fat Meal and Plant Polyphenol Blend
NCT01875354A Prospective Study Investigating the Effects of a Novel Weight Management Program
NCT02871596Effect of a Proprietary Dietary Supplement on Fecal Volatile Organic Compounds
NCT02349555Nutritional Supplement Impact on Metabolic Parameters
NCT02743195Polyphenol/Prebiotic Blend Effects on GI Health and Microbial Composition
NCT02439983Brain Imaging Study
NCT01598272Effects of a Proprietary Blend of Herbal Extract Supplement on Cellular Detoxification, Inflammation, and Cumulative Cognitive Index as Well as Gene Expression in Middle-Aged Adult Women
NCT01725958Effects of a Nutritional Supplement Combination on Body Weight Management
NCT01155076Effects of a Vitality Dietary Supplement on Physical and Mental Function in Middle-aged Adults
NCT00502658Dietary Supplements and Personal Energy Tracking Device to Promote and Maintain Healthy Weight