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NCT04612712A Phase 1/2 Study of Donafenib in Combination With KN046 in Advanced Gastrointestinal Tumors
NCT02645981Efficacy and Safety of Donafenib in Patients With Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma
NCT02229071Safety and Efficacy of Donafenib in Patients With Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma
NCT05584800A Safety and Tolerability Study ZGGS18
NCT05526222A Phase III Study of Jaktinib in Adults With Moderate and Severe Atopic Dermatitis
NCT05279001A Safety and Tolerability Study of Jaktinib
NCT05255237Extension Study to Evaluate Safety and Efficacy of Jaktinib in Adults With Alopecia Areata
NCT05150717ADME Study of [14C]-Jaktinib in Healthy Male Subjects
NCT05051761Study to Evaluate Safety and Efficacy of Jaktinib in Adults With Alopecia Areata
NCT04993404Pharmacokinetics Of Jaktinib In Subjects With Hepatic Impairment And Normal Hepatic Function
NCT04971551A Study of Jaktinib for the Treatment of Steroid-Refractory Acute Graft-Versus-Host Disease.
NCT04971473Comparison of the Efficacy and Safety of rhTSH as An Adjunctive Diagnostic Tool in Differentiated Thyroid Cancer Patients Who Had Been Thyroidectomized Vs. Patients Who After Thyroid Hormone Withdrawal
NCT04964284Efficacy and Safety Study of rhTSH for Adjuvant Radioiodine Ablation Therapy in Patients With Differentiated Thyroid Cancer
NCT04866056Jaktinib and Azacitidine In Treating Patients With MDS With MF or MDS/MPN With MF.
NCT04851535Study of Jaktinib In Patients With Myelofibrosis Who Were Relapsed or Refratory of Ruxolitinib Treatment.
NCT04816123The Mass Balance and Biotransformation of [14C]Donafenib in Healthy Adult Man
NCT04617028Jaktinib Versus Hydroxycarbamide in Subjects With Intermediate-2 or High-risk Myelofibrosis
NCT04612699A Phase 2 Study of Jaktinib in Participants With Moderate to Severe Psoriasis
NCT04605185Donafenib and Toripalimab Combined With TACE in Patients With Unresectable Hepatocellular Carcinoma
NCT04539639Clinical Study of Jaktinib in the Treatment of Patients With Moderate and Severe Atopic Dermatitis
NCT04507659Jaktinib Hydrochloride Tablets In The Treatment of Active Ankylosing Spondylitis
NCT04503902Toripalimab Combined With Donafenib in the Treatment of Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma
NCT04472858A Study of CS1001 in Combination With Donafenib in Subjects With Advanced Solid Tumors
NCT04459871Safety and Efficacy of Topical Recombinant Human Thrombin(rhThrombin) for Surgical Hemostasis
NCT04447183The Safety and Effectiveness of rhTSH in Radioiodine Treatment for Patients With Differentiated Thyroid Cancer.
NCT04445363A Study With Jaktinib Hydrochloride Cream Applied Topically to Subjects With Alopecia Areata
NCT04435392Jaktinib Hydrochloride Cream For Atopic Dermatitis
NCT04402723Combination of Donafenib and Cytarabine/Daunorubicin in Relapsed AML
NCT04312594Jaktinib Dihydrochloride Monohydrate in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
NCT04217993Jaktinib Hydrochloride for the Treatment of Ruxolitinib Intolerance of Myelofibrosis
NCT04211922Alkotinib Capsule in Patients With ALK-positive Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Previously Treated With Crizotinib
NCT04137185Clinical Trial of Dose-tolerance, Pharmacokinetics and Iodine Uptake For rhTSH In Post-thyroidectomized Patients
NCT04034134Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy ofJaktinib Hydrochloride Tablets in Severe Alopecia Areata
NCT04032821To Evaluate the Effect of Food on the Pharmacokinetic Characteristics of Alkotinib Capsules in Healthy Subjects
NCT03886415Jaktinib Hydrochloride Tablets in Intermediate-risk and High-risk Myelofibrosis.
NCT03611426Topical rhThrombin as an Adjunct to Hemostasis During Segmental Hepatectomy
NCT03607188A Phase I Study of Alkotinib in Patients With Advanced Non Small Cell Lung Cancer
NCT03602495A Phase 3 Study of Donafenib in Patients With Radioiodine-refractory Differentiated Thyroid Cancer
NCT03314402The Tolerance, Pharmacokinetics of Jaktinib in Healthy Volunteers
NCT02870582Donafenib for Previously Treated Metastatic Colorectal Cancer
NCT02870569Phase 2 Trial of Donafenib in 131I-Refractory Differentiated Thyroid Cancer
NCT02698111Donafenib Monotherapy for Previously Treated Metastatic Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
NCT02489916Donafenib Monotherapy for Previously Treated Metastatic Colorectal Cancer
NCT02489214Donafenib Monotherapy for Previously Treated Metastatic Gastric Cancer
NCT02489201A Study of Donafenib Monotherapy in Advanced Oesophageal Cancer
NCT05576909Donafenib Combined With Hepatic Artery Chemoembolization for Perioperative Treatment of Liver Transplantation
NCT05161143Donafenib Combined With TACE as Adjuvant Therapy of Patients With Hepatocellular Carcinoma