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NCT04071704Assessing Health-related Quality of Life in Sarcoma Patients
NCT04699292International Prospective Registry on Local Treatment Approaches in MLS
NCT03900806Internet-based WOrk-related Cognitive Rehabilitation for Cancer Survivors: a Randomized Controlled Trial
NCT05148546Neoadjuvant Study With Combination Immuno-oncology for Primary Clear Cell Renal Cell Cancer
NCT03387761Neo-Adjuvant Bladder Urothelial Carcinoma COmbination-immunotherapy
NCT05200988Checkpoint Inhibition and Chemoradiotherapy as Bladder Sparing Treatment in UC
NCT03223727Treatment Outcomes in a Non-study Population of Symptomatic mCRPC Patients Treated With Radium-223
NCT04871594Checkpoint Inhibition With or Without Domatinostat in Urothelial Cancer
NCT04133948Multicenter Phase 1b Trial Testing the Neoadjuvant Combination of Domatinostat, Nivolumab and Ipilimumab in IFN-gamma Signature-low and IFN-gamma Signature-high RECIST 1.1-measurable Stage III Cutaneous or Unknown Primary Melanoma
NCT03686332PEnile Cancer Radio- and Immunotherapy CLinical Exploration Study
NCT03295565Optimal Sequencing of Treatment Options for Poor Risk mCRPC Previously Treated With Docetaxel
NCT03223597Registry of Treatment Outcomes of Symptomatic Metastasized Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer Treated With Radium-223
NCT02977052Optimal Neo-adjuvant Combination Scheme of Ipilimumab and Nivolumab
NCT02437279Study to Identify the Optimal Adjuvant Combination Scheme of Ipilimumab and Nivolumab in Melanoma Patients
NCT02278887Study Comparing TIL to Standard Ipilimumab in Patients With Metastatic Melanoma
NCT05131919Pembrolizumab for Locally Advanced, Irresectable, Non-metastatic dMMR Colorectal Cancers
NCT04949113Neoadjuvant Ipilimumab Plus Nivolumab Versus Standard Adjuvant Nivolumab in Macroscopic Stage III Melanoma
NCT05314309Prospective Clinical Validation of a Novel Multitarget FIT in CRC Screening
NCT03815890Pre-operative Trial for Breast Cancer With Nivolumab in Combination With Novel IO
NCT05301881COntinue the SaMe Systemic Therapy After Local Ablative Therapy for Oligo Progression in Metastatic Breast Cancer - the COSMO Study
NCT01780675Hippocampus Avoidance PCI vs PCI
NCT04307329Monalizumab and Trastuzumab In Metastatic HER2-pOSitive breAst Cancer: MIMOSA-trial
NCT04159818Immune Induction Strategies to Improve Response to Immune Checkpoint Blockade in Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) Patients
NCT03819829Blood Sampling of Healthy Volunteers for Immunological Research
NCT03147040AssessinG Efficacy of Carboplatin and ATezOlizumab in Metastatic Lobular Breast Cancer
NCT03126812Neo-adjuvant Pembrolizumab in Primary Stage IV Ovarian Cancer
NCT02826512A Feasibility Study of Niraparib for Advanced, BRCA1-like, HER2-negative Breast Cancer Patients
NCT02810743Substantially Improving the Cure Rate of High-risk BRCA1-like Breast Cancer
NCT02499367Nivolumab After Induction Treatment in Triple-negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) Patients
NCT02285179Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Safety and Effectiveness of GDC-0032 When Given Alongside Tamoxifen
NCT01996267Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in HER2 Positive Breast Cancer, TRAIN-2
NCT01898117Triple-B Study;Carboplatin-cyclophosphamide Versus Paclitaxel With or Without Atezolizumab as First-line Treatment in Advanced Triple Negative Breast Cancer
NCT01646034High Dose Chemotherapy in Oligo-metastatic Homologous Recombination Deficient Breast Cancer
NCT04916236Combination Therapy of RMC-4630 and LY3214996 in Metastatic KRAS Mutant Cancers
NCT04682470The Prospective Observational COMPRAYA Cohort Study
NCT05251389FMT to Convert Response to Immunotherapy
NCT03348150Gastrectomy + Cytoreductive Surgery + HIPEC for Gastric Cancer With Peritoneal Dissemination.
NCT04330430Neo-adjuvant T-VEC + Nivolumab Combination Therapy for Resectable Early Metastatic (Stage IIIB/C/D-IV M1a) Melanoma With Injectable Disease
NCT05209750FAPI PET/CT for Lymph Node Staging in Colorectal Carcinoma
NCT02715141Molecular Stool Testing for Colorectal Cancer Surveillance
NCT03968679Lymph Drainage Mapping for Tailoring Elective Nodal Irradiation in Head and Neck Cancer
NCT02931890Multicentric Randomised Trial for Resectable Gastric Cancer
NCT01024829Dose Escalation by Boosting Radiation Dose Within the Primary Tumor Using FDG-PET-CT Scan in Stage IB, II and III NSCLC
NCT00212121Radiation Dose Intensity Study in Breast Cancer in Young Women
NCT05162573EBRT + Lu-PSMA for N1M0 Prostate Cancer
NCT05153733Improved Implant for Reconstruction Purposes After Mandibular Resection
NCT02913729Pre- Versus Postoperative Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation
NCT04648189Cetuxibab to Reduce Circulating Tumor Cells in Early Stage NSCLC
NCT01164995Study With Wee-1 Inhibitor MK-1775 and Carboplatin to Treat p53 Mutated Refractory and Resistant Ovarian Cancer
NCT04518124Propranolol in Angiosarcoma