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NCT05772923Organ Preservation in Rectal Cancer: Contact X-ray Brachytherapy vs Extending the Waiting Interval and Local Excision
NCT05209750FAPI PET/CT for Lymph Node Staging in Colorectal Carcinoma
NCT05200988Checkpoint Inhibition and Chemoradiotherapy as Bladder Sparing Treatment in UC
NCT03686332PEnile Cancer Radio- and Immunotherapy CLinical Exploration Study
NCT03871036Improve Checkpoint-blockade Response in Advanced Urothelial Cancer
NCT05120973Multispectral Fluorescence as a Tool to Separate Healthy and Disease Related Lymphatic Anatomies in Prostate Cancer.
NCT03772028Primary Cytoreductive Surgery With or Without Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC)
NCT01164995Study With Wee-1 Inhibitor AZD1775 (MK-1775) and Carboplatin to Treat p53 Mutated Refractory and Resistant Ovarian Cancer
NCT06012734LB-100 (PP2A Inhibitor) and Atezolizumab (PD-L1 Inhibitor) in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Patients
NCT04518124Propranolol in Angiosarcoma
NCT03984019Cardiac Changes After Stereotactic Radiotherapy for Early Stage NSCLC Cancer or Lung Metastasis
NCT05982678Basket Study for Oligo-metastatic Breast Cancer
NCT04699292International Prospective Registry on Local Treatment Approaches in MLS
NCT04425967Short Course Of Preoperative Radiotherapy in Head and Neck-, Trunk- and Extremity Soft Tissue Sarcomas
NCT02910895A Platform of Patient Derived Xenografts (PDX) and 2D/3D Cell Cultures of Soft Tissue Sarcomas (STS)
NCT01504815Adaptive Radiation Treatment for Head and Neck Cancer
NCT05301881COntinue the SaMe Systemic Therapy After Local Ablative Therapy for Oligo Progression in Metastatic Breast Cancer - the COSMO Study
NCT05827289'Cancer Patients Better Life Experience'
NCT03968679Lymph Drainage Mapping for Tailoring Elective Nodal Irradiation in Head and Neck Cancer
NCT05918341Subtherapeutic Dose of Piracetam as a Therapy Adherence Marker
NCT05905315Primary Chemoradiation VS. Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Followed By Surgery As Treatment Strategy For LAVC
NCT05518799CYP3A4 Activity in Patients With Prostate Cancer Versus Male Patients With Other Solid Tumours
NCT05867095Navigated Abdominal Lymph Node Dissections
NCT05705921Standard Moderately Hypofractionated RT vs. Ultra-hypofractionated Focal Lesion Ablative Microboost in Prostate Cancer
NCT04871594Pre-operative Immunotherapy in Stage II-III Urothelial Cancer
NCT05400954Association of Silicone Breast Implants With Overall Wellbeingand Auto-immune Diseases
NCT05116254Sarcomas and DDR-Inhibition; a Combined Modality Study
NCT03223727Treatment Outcomes in a Non-study Population of Symptomatic mCRPC Patients Treated With Radium-223
NCT03819829Blood Sampling of Healthy Volunteers for Immunological Research
NCT03815890Pre-operative Trial for Breast Cancer With Nivolumab in Combination With Novel IO
NCT02810743Substantially Improving the Cure Rate of High-risk BRCA1-like Breast Cancer
NCT01996267Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in HER2 Positive Breast Cancer, TRAIN-2
NCT01898117Triple-B Study;Carboplatin-cyclophosphamide Versus Paclitaxel With or Without Atezolizumab as First-line Treatment in Advanced Triple Negative Breast Cancer
NCT05638152Effect of a Bundle of Non-pharmacological Interventions on the Stress Response to Surgery
NCT05620199Upfront Resection of Locally Advanced NSCLC Followed by Chemoradiotherapy
NCT02925234The Drug Rediscovery Protocol (DRUP Trial)
NCT05710133The Food-effect on Alectinib Pharmacokinetics
NCT04180033Diagnostic Yield of Colonoscopy Surveillance in Testicular Cancer Survivors Treated With Platinum-based Chemotherapy
NCT05700656Galunisertib Combined With Capecitabine in Advanced CRC With PM
NCT03026140Neoadjuvant Immune Checkpoint Inhibition and Novel IO Combinations in Early-stage Colon Cancer
NCT04071704Assessing Health-related Quality of Life in Sarcoma Patients
NCT04287829Pembrolizumab Plus Lenvatinib In Second Line and Third Line Malignant Pleural mesotheLioma Patients
NCT05401786Anti-PD-1 Re-challenge After Immune Priming by Ipilimumab and Immune Boosting by Radiotherapy in Advanced NSCLC
NCT05314309Prospective Clinical Validation of a Novel Multitarget FIT in CRC Screening
NCT05131919Pembrolizumab for Locally Advanced, Irresectable, Non-metastatic dMMR Colorectal Cancers
NCT05637359Tracked Ultrasound for Patient Registration in Surgical Navigation During Abdominal Cancer Surgery
NCT05637346Vessel-based Ultrasound Registration
NCT03784599T-DM1 and Osimertinib Combination Treatment to Target HER2 Bypass Track Resistance in EGFR Mutation Positive NSCLC
NCT03727724Afatinib and Cetuximab in Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) Exon 20 Insertion Positive Non-small-cell Lung Cancer
NCT0356419718F-PD-L1 PET/CT in Nivolumab Treated Patients With NSCLC