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NCT05721976With Love, Grandma ("Con Cariño, Abuelita") Pilot Study
NCT05660408Study of RNA-lipid Particle (RNA-LP) Vaccines for Recurrent Pulmonary Osteosarcoma (OSA)
NCT03795610Window of Opportunity Study of IPI-549 in Patients With Locally Advanced HPV+ and HPV- Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma
NCT03733119ONC201 With a Methionine-Restricted Diet in Patients With Metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer
NCT01791894Arsenic Trioxide in Treating Patients With Basal Cell Carcinoma
NCT02973750Determinants of Age-Related Treatment Effectiveness in Ovarian Cancer
NCT01393912PDGFR Inhibitor Crenolanib in Children/Young Adults With Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma or Recurrent High-Grade Glioma
NCT00714701Screening for Early Pancreatic Neoplasia (Cancer of the Pancreas Screening or CAPS4 Study)
NCT03086616CED With Irinotecan Liposome Injection Using Real Time Imaging in Children With Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) (PNOC 009)
NCT02515513The Role of Muscle Cachexia in Pancreatic Cancer
NCT03739372Clinical Benefit of Using Molecular Profiling to Determine an Individualized Treatment Plan for Patients With High Grade Glioma
NCT04052334Lymphodepletion Plus Adoptive Cell Therapy With High Dose IL-2 in Adolescent and Young Adult Patients With Soft Tissue Sarcoma
NCT02960230H3.3K27M Peptide Vaccine With Nivolumab for Children With Newly Diagnosed DIPG and Other Gliomas
NCT01642342Recombinant Albumin Fusion Protein sEphB4-HSA in Treating Patients With Metastatic or Recurrent Solid Tumors
NCT00843531RAD001 and Erlotinib in Patients With Neuroendocrine Tumors
NCT02963051A Phase Ib Study of Intravenous Copper Loading With Oral Disulfiram in Metastatic, Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer
NCT02782546Cytokine Induced Memory-like NK Cell Adoptive Therapy After Haploidentical Donor Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation
NCT03192462TAA Specific Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes in Patients With Pancreatic Cancer
NCT04354064Circulating Tumor DNA (ctDNA) for Early Treatment Response Assessment of Solid Tumors