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Query: "AREA[SponsorSearch](UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center)"
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NCT05634785Phase II of CD30 CAR for CD30+ NSGCT
NCT03602157Study of CAR-T Cells Expressing CD30 and CCR4 for r/r CD30+ HL and CTCL
NCT03721068Study of CAR T-Cells Targeting the GD2 With IL-15+iCaspase9 for Relapsed/Refractory Neuroblastoma or Relapsed/Refractory Osteosarcoma
NCT04432753Effect of Incidental Findings Information on Lung Cancer Screening Intent
NCT05414097Finding Barriers and Designing Solutions to Promote Women s Cancer Screening in South Africa
NCT04585893Safety and Efficacy of Rituximab for Treatment of Multicentric Castleman Disease in Malawi
NCT02835911Clinical Cohort of Lymphoma Patients in Malawi
NCT02564120North Carolina Prostate Cancer Comparative Effectiveness & Survivorship Study (NC ProCESS)
NCT02043470Retinal Oxygen Function After Radiation Therapy
NCT02008058Observational Longitudinal Study of Pain in Men With Metastatic Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer
NCT02660710Rituximab Plus CHOP Chemotherapy for Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma
NCT04978350Overcoming Barriers to the Uptake of Cascade Screening for Lynch Syndrome: Workbook Feasibility Study
NCT01316146Administration of T Lymphocytes for Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (CART CD30)
NCT00232505Cetuximab + / - Carboplatin for Estrogen Receptor-Negative, Progesterone Receptor-Negative Metastatic Breast Cancer
NCT00483405Oxaliplatin, Capecitabine, and Cetuximab in Treating Patients With Advanced Liver Cancer
NCT04999085Geriatric-assessment Interventions to Address Functional Deficits in Older Adults w Multiple Myeloma
NCT00266110Vaccine Therapy, Trastuzumab, and Vinorelbine in Treating Patients With Locally Recurrent or Metastatic Breast Cancer
NCT00088985Vaccine Therapy, Trastuzumab, and Vinorelbine in Treating Women With Locally Recurrent or Metastatic Breast Cancer
NCT03761706Impact of Home-based Aerobic and Strength Exercises During Chemotherapy for Early Breast Cancer on Biomarkers of Aging
NCT02191982The Effect of Walking on Fatigue After Chemotherapy in Patients 65 and Older
NCT02167932The Impact of a Physical Activity Program on Biomarkers of Aging During Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer
NCT04644419Chemotherapy-related Cognitive Impairment and Acute Leukemia
NCT05413811Acceptability and Feasibility of Combination Treatment for Cervical Precancer Among South African Women Living With HIV
NCT05413798Urine HPV Testing for Cervical Cancer Screening Among Women Living With HIV in South Africa
NCT04974489Correcting Public Misperceptions About Very Low Nicotine Content Cigarettes
NCT04931251Addressing Cancer-Related Financial Toxicity in Rural Oncology Care Settings
NCT04350788Enhancing Survivorship Care Planning for Patients With Localized Prostate Cancer Using A Couple-focused Web-based Tailored Symptom Self-management Program
NCT041369123-D Super Resolution Ultrasound Microvascular Imaging
NCT04092816Fathers and Mothers Invested in Lives of Their Youth (FAMILY) Study: A Pilot Intervention
NCT04076696Clinical Evaluation of Primary Sampling Scatter Correction for Chest Tomosynthesis
NCT04025229High Intensity Interval Training in Endometrial Cancer
NCT03544268Academic-Industrial Partnership for Translation of Acoustic Angiography
NCT03339206Enhancing Source Credibility in Tobacco Regulatory Communications
NCT03160183Investigating Chemotherapy Treatments, Response and Subsets of HIV-associated Kaposi Sarcoma in Malawi
NCT02798224A Patient Portal Tool, E-assist, for Supporting CRC Screening
NCT02651883Effect of Human Papillomavirus Self-Collection on Cervical Cancer Screening in High Risk Women: My Body, My Test 3
NCT02175628Comparison of the Sensitivity and Specificity of Acoustic Angiography to the Sensitivity and Specificity of Conventional Ultrasound
NCT01773850Comparison of Stationary Breast Tomosynthesis and 2-D Digital Mammography in Patients With Known Breast Lesions
NCT01344824Carboplatin, Pemetrexed Disodium, and Bevacizumab for Patients With Stage III or IV Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Who Are Light/Never Smokers
NCT01204450Temsirolimus and Valproic Acid in Treating Young Patients With Relapsed Neuroblastoma, Bone Sarcoma, or Soft Tissue Sarcoma
NCT01175967Use of Palliative Performance and Symptom Distress Scales in Older Patients With Advanced Ovarian Cancer
NCT01164215Biomarker-Guided Fluorouracil in Treating Patients With Colorectal Cancer Receiving Combination Chemotherapy
NCT01148875Mammography Reminders for Encouraging Women to Undergo Regular Mammography Screenings for Breast Cancer
NCT01138345Biomarkers in Blood Samples From Older Breast Cancer Survivors
NCT01137825Registry of Older Patients With Cancer
NCT01137643Tissue, Blood, and Body Fluid Sample Collection From Patients With Hematologic Cancer
NCT01132833Biomarkers Related to Thrombosis in Patients With Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma Receiving Chemotherapy
NCT01011010Sorafenib Tosylate and Chemoembolization With Doxorubicin Hydrochloride and Mitomycin in Treating Patients With Liver Cancer That Cannot Be Removed By Surgery
NCT01000883Correlation of Molecular Markers With Response to Therapy and Breast Cancer Behavior
NCT00998101Carboplatin, Ixabepilone, and Cetuximab in Patients With Stage III or Stage IV Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Previously Untreated With Chemotherapy