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Query: "AREA[SponsorSearch](Veloxis Pharmaceuticals)"
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NCT05251727Assess Safety and Tolerability of ART-123 + FOLFOX + Bevacizumab in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Patients
NCT05238493A Dose Escalation Study to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability, Pharmacokinetics, and Pharmacodynamics of VEL-101
NCT04492436A Trial Measuring ART-123 Ability to Prevent Sensory Neuropathy in Unresectable mCRC Subjects w/Oxaliplatin-based Chemo
NCT02411604Expanded Access Study for Renal Transplant Patients With Envarsus XR ™
NCT02339246Pharmacokinetic Comparison Of All FK-506 Formulations
NCT01962922Crossover Study to Compare PK of Once Daily LCP-Tacro Tablets to Generic Tacrolimus Capsules Twice Daily.
NCT01666951Multicenter, Prospective, Rand, PK Study of LCP-Tacro™ Compared to Prograf® Capsules in De Novo Adult Kidney Transplant
NCT01438710Switching Study of Kidney Transplant Patients With Tremor to LCP-Tacro (STRATO)
NCT01187953Double-Blind,Double-Dummy,Efficacy/Safety,LCP-Tacro™ Vs Prograf®,Prevention Rejection,De Novo Adult Kidney Tx
NCT00817206Safety and Efficacy of LCP-Tacro™ Once Daily in Stable Renal Transplant Patients Converted From Prograf® Twice Daily
NCT00772148Pharmacokinetics of LCP-Tacro™ Once Daily and Prograf® Twice A Day in Adult De Novo Liver Transplant Patients
NCT00765661Pharmacokinetics of LCP-Tacro(TM) Once Daily And Prograf® Twice A Day in Adult De Novo Kidney Transplant Patients
NCT0066485912-Month, Open-Label, Extension Study of LCP-AtorFen in Dyslipidemia
NCT00608894LCP-Tacro vs. Azathioprine for the Treatment of Autoimmune Hepatitis
NCT00608244Pharmacokinetics of LCP-Tacro in Stable Liver Transplant Patients
NCT00504829Study of Atorvastatin/Fenofibrate (LCP-AtorFen) Combination Therapy in Dyslipidemia
NCT00496483Pharmacokinetics of LCP-Tacro in Stable Kidney Transplant Patients
NCT03555448Once Daily Immunosuppression Regimen
NCT04917718Renal Tubular Injury and Transplant Outcomes in Cardiac Recipients Converting From IR Tacrolimus to XR Tacrolimus
NCT04838288Cognitive Outcomes in Stable Renal Transplant Patients Switched fromTacrolimus to Envarsus XR™
NCT04773392Simplified IMmunosuppressive Protocol Utilizing Low Dose EnvarsusXR
NCT04711291Efficacy of Envarsus XR and Digital Health Technology in Reducing Tacrolimus Fluctuation and Frequency of Dose Changes
NCT04665310Evaluation of Anti-rejection Drug, Tacrolimus, in African-Americans With Kidney Transplant
NCT04469842Early Use of Long-acting Tacrolimus in Lung Transplant Recipients
NCT04225988Comparison of Tacrolimus Extended-Release (Envarsus XR) to Tacrolimus Immediate-Release in HLA Sensitized Kidney Transplant Recipients
NCT03979365Envarsus XR Compared to Immediate Release Tacrolimus
NCT03864926Envarsus in Delayed Graft Function (E-DGF)
NCT03841097Pulse Wave Velocity, Tacrolimus Time in Therapeutic Range and CV in African American Kidney Transplants
NCT03828682Veloxis de Novo Kidney Transplant ECSWD
NCT03823768Envarsus Neurotoxicity Burden in Liver Transplant Patients
NCT03769298CIRTEN-Simultaneous Pancreas-Kidney Transplant Recipients
NCT03760263Evaluation Dose Adjustments in Kidney Transplant Patients on Immediate Release and Extended Release Tacrolimus
NCT03713645Dosing Strategies for de Novo Once-daily Extended Release Tacrolimus (LCPT) in Kidney Transplant Recipients
NCT03703154Alterations in Cognitive Function and Cerebral Blood Flow After Conversion From Immediate Release Tacrolimus to Slow Release Envarsus
NCT03511560Envarsus on the Effect of Total Tacrolimus Dose/Trough Level Ratio on Renal Function (eGFR) in Kidney Transplantation
NCT03461445A Pilot Study to Evaluate Impact on Neurological Side Effects (Cognition, Memory, and Tremor) in Elderly (Age>65) Patients
NCT03410654Assessment of Cognitive Function Before and After Conversion From Immediate Release Tacrolimus to Envarsus XR.
NCT03386305Evaluate the Clinical Benefits of EnvarsusXR in Post Liver Transplant
NCT03380936Pilot Study of Treatment for Subclinical AMR (Antibody-mediated Rejection) in Kidney Transplant Recipients
NCT03321656Impact of Envarsus XR® on Kidney Biopsy Subclinical Rejection and Blood Immunologic Profile
NCT03266393Envarsus XR® in Adolescent Renal Transplant Recipients
NCT03263052Converting Elderly Kidney Transplant Recipients From Tacrolimus to Envarsus to Limit Neurological AE and Improve QOL